Reporting In

Participants should arrive for registration at the Barnett Center (see Map below) between 1:00pm and 3:30pm on Monday the 29th of June, 2017 .

Dress appropriately and take the Boys State book and the Medical Statement/waiver to the registration desk. If you drive yourself, or ride with parents, you can leave your other items in the vehicle until after registration and retrieve them on the way to your room afterwards.

The first assembly will be at 4:00, so make sure you have enough time to register and get moved in prior to then. Once first assembly has been called, all vehicles are off limits for the duration of Boys State - DO NOT plan to retrieve items from your car after 4:00.  

What you MUST bring to Boys State

The Boys State Manual

Medical Form

Bedding (Pillows, Sheets and blanket or sleeping bag)

Toiletries (Towels, washcloth, soap, shampoo, razor, comb/brush)

Dress Slacks

Button Down Shirts



Dress Shoes/boots

sleeping attire



What you SHOULD bring

Sports Wear 

Tennis Shoes

Polo/casual shirts

Musical Instrument (If you play one)

Small room fan

Medical needs 

Samsung scholarship application (in Boys State packet)

What you CAN bring


Sports Equipment


Money (limited amount) 


Campaign supplies (Poster board, markers, colored pencils, etc)


The American Legion, NSU, and the Boys State staff are not liable for any lost or stolen property. Counselors are present, but you don't want to invite problems. Don't leave valuables laying out, even in your room and don't "flash" money around.


Other then Monday (evening meal only) and Saturday (morning and noon only), three meals will be provided each day. If you have special dietary needs, be sure to inform the city counselor.

The Wolves Den at the student center will also be available at limited times (3:15-5:15, 6:30-7:45, and 9:00-10:30), and participants can eat there as well - though this is not covered as part of Boys State, and the student will need to purchase this themselves.

Flag raising/retirement

The American Flag will be raised each morning before the first meal, and will be retired each night before the last meal. All Boys Staters will attend the ceremonies that accompany these actions.

You get out of Boys State only what you put into it:

Not every person is going to want the same things out of this experience, and we don't expect everyone to approach it with the same uniform desires, but PARTICIPATION is the key to getting the most out of the week.

ASK QUESTIONS. When in general assembly or in smaller groups, do not be afraid to seek clarification on an issue. The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. It's hard to think about more class time when it is summer and school has just gotten out, but Boys State is designed to be a learning experience and it can be a fun and effective one. 

The Boys State manual provides a listing of all the elective offices that can be campaigned for, read through them and pick a possible course to pursue. DON'T GET LOCKED IN, and DON'T GET DISCOURAGED.

Sometimes your plans can change when you get exposed to other areas and find an interest you didn't know about. Be flexible and willing to change your goals.

If you planned to run for mayor and then continue on to campaign for governor but lose the mayoral election, that does not mean that you should cast aside the governorship. Each election is not predicated on what went before.


1. ATTENDANCE: Required at all events, be prompt, don't leave campus

2. TOBACCO: No smoking, chewing, or snuff. Possession is equivalent to use.

3. GIFTING: Any gifts for any person associated with Boys State is considered a Bribe and not allowed. 

4. DRUGS, ALCOHOL, and GAMBLING are all banned while at Boys State

5. CODE OF CONDUCT; show respect for facilities, staff, and other participants.

6. LANGUAGE; part of code of conduct. Not limited to swearing, but also includes belligerent and disrespectful wording and tones.

7. DON'T LEAVE CAMPUS; no driving, no walking. 

8. COUNSELOR AUTHORITY; Each "city" (Boys State grouping named after a real US city such as New York, or Pheonix) will have its own conselor. This is the first person to ask for information or advice, and is also, for all intents and purposes, the final authority on rules violations and discipline.

9. DISMISSAL; violation of the rules can result in immediate dismissal. A hearing will be held and the director controls the investigation. Reasons for dismissal will be forwarded on to the sponsoring post and the parents.

10 VEHICLES; must be parked (see #7), and you are not allowed to enter them during the week.

11. APPEARANCE; both the participant and their room should be presentable at all times.

12. CAMPAIGNS; read and be familiar with the code of ethics in the Boys State manual. 


1. Barnett Center : Registration, off-hours sports recreation

2. Jerde Hall: Sleeping rooms and Dining facility

3. Johnson Fine Arts Building: Group lectures and guest speakers

4. Student Center: Book Store and Student Union

(Note the orientation on the map, North is to the lower left)